Balcony crops

Growing organic vegetables on your balcony is very rewarding. Especially when your digging your teeth into them. Many vegetables can grow well in average sized pots on balconies. Remember that some vegetables do require larger pots.The real key however to vegetable gardening on your balcony is watering them well.

Here below are a few suggestion, however searching on the web you’ll find lots more.


Take an old potato sprouting. You can cut the potato in half or leave it whole and then plant it deep in a large plant pot or even a bucket.

Harvest your crop when most of the plant has died off. This is one plant that should be planted in late summer as it doesn’t like the heat.


Tomato plants actually grow well in plant pots and even in soil bags. These plants have a distinctive smell and small yellow flowers. After you’ve picked one of your own tomatoes straight from your balcony, you’ll never shop for tomatoes again!


The carrot is perfect for a balcony garden. The carrot plant also does well in cooler temperatures and can survive frost if protected well. There are many varieties of carrots too, you can find smaller kinds that grow well in plant pots, such as the Little Finger. Pots for growing carrots should be at least 30cm deep. Remember to keep the potting soil moist for best results.


The onion is a popular vegetable for your balcony gardens. The onion however prefers the cooler months. There are many onion plant varieties so choose a variety that you would enjoy eating.

Every little helps